The mission of Mahathir Textile Mills Limited is to create best values to our stakeholders by Qualities of our products and services; being responsible to the society, environment and economy and by doing ethical business.

Solid Dyeing

Dyeing is one of the major works we do in our factory, and this is the one domain that has helped us win the LEED Certificate. Whether it’s denim or any other woven fabric, we can effortlessly dye them. Our dyeing unit is packed with state-of-the-art machines that dye fabrics really well, and the quality of the dye is also excellent. We make sure the dyes we use are detoxified prior to using. So we basically touch the sustainability factor here again.

Fabric Printing

Printing a wide variety of woven fabric materials is yet another domain that our textile industry covers. Whether it’s stripped, abstract or floral prints, we can do it all according to your requirements. And be rest assured, our printing quality is extremely good; you wouldn’t regret giving us this task.

Finishing facilities

Our industry also provides finishing facilities for already woven fabric material. Some of the facilities we provide include - Carbon Peach, Wrinkle Free, Teflon Finish, Advance Teflon, Teflon with Wrinkle-free, Water Repellent, Anti-Bacterial, Paper Touch, Easy Care, and last but not the least, Suede Soft. We are proud to boast that only a few textile factories have the capability and capacity to do all of these above-mentioned fabric finishes.