• Evaluate the potential suppliers on set criteria
• We procure Yarn
• We supply Yarn to export oriented company
• Only weave on shuttle less sulzer vamatex and air jet looms
• Currently working with 550 Looms
• Plan to go for 300 Looms by July, 2020
• Plan and Follow-Up by our people
• The building Planning is almost completed.
• The looms have been selected.

Machine Process Capacity(Meters/Day)
Bleaching Plant Sinze-Bleach/Causticise 70,000
Monfort Stenter Pigment Pad Dye/Finish 50,000
Monforts Thermasol Dye Range Pig/Reactive/Dis Dyeing 40,000
Pad Steam Wash Range Wash/Costisize 50,000
Bruckner Stenter 1 Batch/Finish 70,000
Bruckner Stenter 2 Batch/Finish 70,000
Zimmer Rotary Printer (16 col) Pigment/Soft Pig/Reactive 50,000